Well, it happened. My oldest graduated….from kindergarten.

I’m a wreck. I fought back tears the whole time during the little mini ceremony. I’m crying now while I type this and I’ll probably cry all next week knowing one stage has ended and another is just starting.

They warned me when my wife and I found out we were expecting. They said don’t blink, soak it in, enjoy every second of every moment.

And I have. I whole-heartedly have. These past past 6 years have been sublime. Tirzah is the greatest kid any dad could ever ask for! At the school award and recognition ceremony she was given the awards for kindest and gentlest. The only other word that describes her better than those two is beautiful. She is the absolute best. She listens, helps, cleans, cooks, folds, mops, sweeps, dusts, plays, works, and just about everything else. And she loves doing all those things.

She’s a quiet leader who doesn’t put up with those who don’t listen or aren’t kind. She is well loved by us and well liked by her friends.

She’s growing up too fast! How do I slow down time? How do I snuggle and cuddle and read and build forts, and wear undies on my head forever? I can’t.

But what I can do is be her friend, listen intently, put my phone down, tickle, kiss, hug, kill spiders, pray, sing, dance, garden, and play. I can do everything I can possibly think of together with her. Every second of every day, every week, every year.

She is the one who made me a dad, and I am honored. She is a jewel on my crown, a princess in my kingdom. Her name means delightful and pleasant. And she wears it well.

To my Tirzah Lynn, I know it’s only kindergarten to some but to me it’s so much more. I will make a big deal every chance I get. I’m proud of you and I love you.

Love- Daddy