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It’s great to meet you! I’m Joe Wicks and I’m really pumped you are here to check out what I’m working on. For most of my life I’ve been some sort of over weight and out of shape. But now that’s in the past. First and foremost I’m a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to some great kids. Not much beats being a dad. It’s one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me and I want to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can. One thing I’ve learned since my wife and I became parents is that it’s a lot of work and takes a ton of energy to keep up with these little people. My goal with this website is to encourage, motivate, and share with you my journey of being a dad who is focused on fitness, health, and nutrition and of course, dadding! I hope you enjoy following my journey and possibly consider joining me as we learn to lead our families from fat to fit.

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