Are you feeling overwhelmed and all alone. Like you are out there all by yourself? Are you thinking about taking a break from chasing your goals or running after your dreams? Taking a break is cool, hustling takes a lot out of a person and sometimes a little rest and relaxation is in order. But, and I mean that’s a big but, if you are going to take a break you must heed my instruction and follow these three tips. Otherwise taking a break will break you. 

1- Have accountability

  • If you are going to take a break then you need to let someone know. You can’t fly solo on something like this or you’ll get lost and fall off the grid. Find someone in your life who can partner with you and push you to continue on while you take a break. You need someone who will tell it to you straight and not beat around the bush. A good friend tells you what you’re doing wrong first.

2- Define the break with specifics

  • Again it is ok to take a break and rest. But you must have a plan! Even your rest needs to be detailed and written down. How long am I going to take off? What am I going to do while resting? How am I going to start again? These are all serious questions you must answer otherwise you are asking for it. Rest and a break will quickly become quitting and giving up. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of excuses. A man without a plan is lost. Don’t get lost.

3- Revisit your goals

  • If you’re anything like me and you probably are then somewhere you have a list of goals. Maybe they are just in your head. Well if they’re not written down somewhere, first you must write them down. Ok now you can look at them. Revisiting your goals is so important especially while taking a break. It gives you the inspiration and refocusing you need to launch again. It lights the fire that may have fizzled out. I tell you what man- if you’re not writing this crap down then you are asking for a butt whooping bro.

Bonus land

  • Many times I find myself taking or needing a break because things are getting too complicated and overwhelming. Simplify everything! Stop overthinking the details and just get back to the basics. We tend to make a simple task way more difficult than it needs to be. Remember you’re not going to lose 30 pounds in 5 days. But there is a way to lose the weight, so just start moving. Go for a walk. Keep it simple stupid!

Photo Credit: @chriszeigler1