Monday. Some of you hate this word and some of you love it. I am on the side of loving it. Monday is the gatekeeper of the week. Most of us would agree that Monday sets the tone for the next 4 days. The weekend can take of itself. But for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday success hinges on a solid Monday. So how can we fight off the Monday blues and throw away the old adage that everyone hates the first workday of the week? How can we learn to love Monday! Here are a few tips and tricks to make Monday matter and launch into a great week.


  1. Proper prep- Monday really starts on Sunday night. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before but it certainly needs repeating. If you’re going to be successful with your nutrition and fitness for a whole week then Sunday just became prep day. When you ask people why they fail the answer always seems to be lack of preparation. Remember failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So let’s flip the script and take an hour or two (in reality it will maybe take 20 minutes) on a lazy Sunday afternoon or evening to prepare your meals and workouts for the week. Or at the very least start with Monday. I can understand taking it one day at a time. Preparation is the key to success. Even your mom knows that old trick.
  2. Get up early- Nothing creates more failure than chaos. And some people might say they thrive in a chaotic environment, if that’s true then they would really thrive in a peaceful one. Getting up early gives you, your mind, and your physical body a chance to get ready for the day in a peaceful and delightful way. The morning is so great. It’s quiet and inviting, perfect for a little reading or a quick workout. The best time to be by yourself. But getting up early in an effective way means one thing, going to bed early the night before. I know what you’re thinking, “Joe, you’re trying to ruin my life.” No, I’m not. I’m trying to help you learn to love Mondays! Because right now what you’re doing isn’t working and only a crazy person would keep on doing the same things and expecting different results. And you’re not crazy. Maybe a little odd but by no means full blown crazy.
  3. Finish strong- It’s easier to start well than to finish well in my opinion and experience. But you can correct an awful start with a great finish. Use your early success to follow through and push hard past the fatigue of the day. Don’t give up and eat a pizza before bed. Not that I’ve ever done that but I’ve heard it’s bad for you. In all seriousness though continue on your successes and don’t stop making great choices. If you haven’t worked out yet then get it in before you call it a night. I know you’ll be tired and want to throw in the towel but fight past that feeling. When you do you’ll feel great and accomplished.
  4. Rinse and repeat- Success is very repeatable it seems. Find what works and just keep doing it over and over again. But the thing is most people don’t. If you can figure out how to have a great Monday then you can certainly have a great Tuesday. The simplicity is mind numbing but that’s what works. Monday is no different than any other day however we tend to treat it differently. You can learn to love Monday, you can enjoy the beginning of a fresh start, you can embrace the challenge of being great at killing it! Get out there and get after it, make Monday great again!


Photo credit: @chriszeigler1