It is easy to see that there is very much still a real issue with differences in today’s society. Racism is something that causes a lot of anger and divide in our neighborhoods and communities. Anger is an OK response, when it is used to bring about change in a constructive non-violent, healthy way. Let’s go there. Let’s discuss a healthy way to deal with racism. A healthy way to get back your life, lose weight and feel great! Declare your hatred and anger towards whites! Whites will ruin your life, make you fat, and leave you sick. Say it with me, “I hate white food!”

See what I did there? Pretty smart right? You thought I was referring to something different. Anyways I’m sure I have your attention. But seriously, white food will kill you and is probably already making you sick. The big three white foods to avoid are; refined flour, sugar, and dairy.

Let’s take a minute and break each one down and clarify why avoid the whites will help you lose weight and become healthy.

  1. Refined flour- OK so this covers everything from bread to pasta to more bread to cereal to even more bread to crackers to, you get the point. I like bread. And you probably do too. The thing about refined flour is to produce it everything nutritious is stripped from it, the germ and the bran then it is bleached by chemicals to make it white. So there is practically no nutritional value at all and therefore it just flows right through the body and really is not useful at all. If you are looking for bread or pasta, try whole wheat or rice pasta. I switched to rice pasta about a year ago and now prefer the taste to regular. I know one of the toughest things is to replace the classic american sandwich. I used to easily eat two a day growing up and I would go to the sub shop weekly while at work in the past. But I had to come to a place where I realized my health was more important than eating bread. Instead I use leafy romaine lettuce as a wrap or just make a salad with a protein on it instead. I will still have a foot-long once in awhile but I always feel like I need a nap after. Do the best you can to avoid this white garbage.
  2. Sugar- Sugar is the devil food of the world. It tastes so great but then you get a cavity and lose a tooth, then you get diabetes, then you are in the hospital having heart surgery or kidney failure. I’ll stop there. This isn’t rocket science and I don’t want to bore you with death stats about sugar and it’s evil twin high-fructose corn syrup. Google that nish. Anyways they’re terrible for you, probably the worst thing out there besides tobacco and alcohol. So here’s my two tips for enjoying something sweet without causing imminent death, maple syrup and honey. I love real maple syrup. I put it in my coffee and enjoy it as much as it’s appropriate. Honey is divine, the nectar of the gods as they say. And of course there is stevia, the natural plant extract that’s actually sweeter than sugar. Make the switch now before it’s too late!
  3. Dairy- Ironically dairy cows for the most part are both black and white, good for them for bridging the racial divide and bringing harmony to our world. But their milk is white, therefore cows are racist bigots. Is dairy bad for you? After doing some simple research and using a fair amount of common sense I determined that it’s not that milk and cheese is bad for you but eating and drinking it a lot is not great. The main reason being that it is super processed. One thing I always say to people who don’t believe me when I say it’s not the best is take it out of your diet for a month and see how you feel. It’s been know that migraines, bad skin, sex drive, and other health issues are directly related to consuming dairy. If and when I do drink and eat dairy I try to find organic, full fat, and the least processed kind. It’s tough but not impossible.

My conclusion is this. Not all white foods are bad for your health. But they are so overly processed they become terrible for you to consume and lead to all sorts of disease and sickness. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and find out for yourself!


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